We always thought of ourselves as a small but tight team here at MatchMedics.  Despite being spread over two offices (Limerick & Dublin) we talked multiple times per day, used video calls to meet on a weekly basis and had pretty regular face to face meetups.  Then Covid19 happened….

We changed some things up and started to work remotely, putting even more distance between us all.  We started a daily video call to catch up on our wins and make plans for the days and weeks ahead.  These calls started off a bit stilted if we’re honest but they quickly started to become a really looked forward to part of the day, and through them we started to learn so much more about each other than we ever had!

One thing that came up pretty quickly is our shared love of music.  Turns out our tastes overlap in some super surprising ways and diverge almost equally.  From soulful classics to punky pop, Irish greats to modern classics the MatchMedics team know a tune when they hear it. From this grew Bring a Song to Work Week, the brainchild of our own Richard Morton!

How it works:

  1. Pick someone to go first
  2. They pick a song that means something to them at that time
  3. They share it with the group along with a little bit of the reasons why
  4. The group listen to and discuss the song the next day
  5. Someone goes next
  6. Repeat like a great chorus

As it is 2020 and sharing in these socially distanced times is important you can find our Spotify Playlist right here

MatchMedics Lock Down Anthems

Got a song we should add? Then hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll get it on there.  We’d love to see and hear any playlists that you’ve created so feel free to share!!

Stay tuned for more updates on how MatchMedics has adjusted to the #covid19 lockdown, working better than ever to serve our candidates and clients.