It takes the person recruiting about 6 seconds to decide if they are shortlisting you. Didn’t know that? Yep! It’s true, many studies have shown that the minute a recruiter or the person shortlisting your CV looks at it they would typically decide within 6 seconds if they will continue to or pull up the next candidates CV.

We’ve compiled some of the key points you need to think about when putting together your medical CV.  It is important that you can include something for as many of these buckets as possible, keeping it relevant and concise.

Personal details

  • Name and abbreviated qualifications, postal address, contact number, email address.
  • Nationality (for visa and work permit purposes)
  • Medical Council registration number

Education & qualifications

  • Include details of all Postgraduate qualifications and Medical degrees (include institution details and dates)
  • Any previous degrees
  • Details of any membership exams and professional linguistic assessment board tests

Career History

  • Start with you most current position and then list all previous positions.
  • For each post include full name of the institution, grade and specialty.
  • Provide clear dates for all positions and note any gaps in employment with reason.
  • For each position you should list your duties and clinical skills and if relevant the types of patients treated

Clinical cases

  • Details any cases which you may have been led or been part of.


  • List all licenses you hold, registration number and dates.

Courses and conferences attended

  • It is important that you show your continuous commitment to personal development. Detail here any of the courses and conferences that you have attended, include title, provider and dates.


  • Details of any research projects which tie in with your area of specialty are important to note here.

Clinical audits

  • Provide details of any clinical audits which you have participated in as this is a key to maintaining the medical council registration.

Presentations and publications

  • List the dates you presented or published. Title, topics, location and or journal name.

Teaching experience

  • Highlight here if you have had any teaching experiences, e.g. mentoring students or Junior doctors

Personal interests

  • It is always interesting to show what activities you participate in outside of work. Provide details of hobbies and interests here.


  • Provide at least two if not three referees, including details of your current employer.


There are so many ways in which you can design your CV  but we would always recommend to keep it simple, well structured and concise.

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