My name is Mohamed Mostafa, I am currently an Anaesthesia Registrar at Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore, and shortly I am moving to the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin. About a year ago, I took the decision of moving to Ireland after 5 years of experience in the field of anaesthesia in Egypt. At that point, I was not even registered with the Medical Council of Ireland and I had a lot of doubts and questions that needed clarification; it seemed to be a huge transition for me.

At that very early moment came the role of Graham and MatchMedics team; they were more than helpful and supportive; they gave me advice about the working situation in Ireland, my opportunities and how to start, besides enlightening me about the general life conditions there. Then, they were always there for any inquires and kept following up my whole process of registration and getting ready for job hunting.

Afterwards, it was the stage of job hunting. They spent much of their time and effort to get me an interview and preparing me for the interview itself. Followed by day to day close follow up with the Hospital to finish all the needed paper work to start my career in Ireland.

I can say confidently that Graham was professional enough to make an impact on an important stage of my career, I would have never made it without his help and support. Thanks Graham and the MatchMedics Team.